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Ten-year Sharpening 

I joined KOTEI in 2003 and participated in KOTEI's first navigation data compilation project, thus taking root in KOTEI from then on. During the ten years in KOTEI, I have underwent the unceasing growth and development of KOTEI. From a programmer to the Director of the Department, my growth is still vivid in my mind. I have the chance to take frequent business trips to Japan and Europe, etc. Such an experience can not only broaden my horizon, but also help me to experience various cultures and working habits. In this way, it can convert me into a real internationalized talent and help me meet the brand-new technological challenges unceasingly. With the further business development, there will be more opportunities for young people who have a vision and plan for their future. I'm looking forward to your joining in the KOTEI Family, to create an incredible future hand in hand! 

Details Determine Success or Failure 

Each business trip to a customer’s facilities means not only a test but also a learning opportunity for me upon my joining in KOTEI. The experience not only improves my skills in certain aspect, but also broadens my horizon, helping me to understand the whole business and the whole industry more deeply and comprehensively. This is because we always contact with world-class car manufacturers and suppliers. We have the chance to communicate and work with elites from top-level enterprises, which is undoubtedly quite beneficial for both individuals and the team. As the old saying goes that "we should restrict the foreigners with the techniques learnt from them", when standing on the shoulder of giants, we can grow faster, make our own products more quickly, develop new markets and break our own ground in car electronics, living up to the mission of creating better and more beautiful future with intelligence.

Unafraid of Hardship and Able to Endure Hardship 

Before joining KOTEI, I've already felt that the Company's courage of daring to assume their responsibility and adepting in challenges via the telephone interview. I have also had a premonition that I would make my mark in KOTEI. After truly working in role, I feel that there are still a lot of things to learn, which make me father believe that it a correct decision on joining KOTEI. 

After winning the order, I start to communicate with customers from Japan and North America frequently, get the golden chance to take business trips to Japan and the US to communicate fact to face with the car manufacturers. During the communication with X OEM we have gradually got some experience in cooperating with car manufacturers. In the meantime, I've also had an overall understanding of a product from its birth, design and final molding. 

I believe we can seize the chance and win over a brand new challenge, creating a future for KOTEI. 

Straightening out Our Attitude 

I got consistently mediocre grades at the university. To study Japanese, I get up one hour earlier to recite the text upon graduation. After joining KOTEI, the persistent day-to-day training helps me get the chance to work in Japan. At the beginning of my arrival in Japan, I still cannot communicate with others. However, I'm never afraid of communicating with others. Therefore, I grow and progress quickly based on the Japanese training courses provided by the Company and the team support. The Division which I am working in, involves multi-national cooperation ,which means the coexistence of both opportunity and challenge. In an outstanding team consisting of engineers who are strong in design, fluent in English and Japanese, we should have more specialized and multi-skilled talents as a supplier. Due to many years of work in the future, only by keeping on learning can I avoid being washed out. Therefore, I'm willing to meet more brand new challenges!

Taking Everything Seriously 

I joined KOTEI in 2011, luckily, I'm dispatched to the US in 2014 after three years of accumulation of business. During the several months in the US, I've contacted more people and experienced more new technologies. Therefore, I can accomplish a task with more ease now when confronted with complicated problems. The overseas business trip is both bitter and sweet. It is bitter because you have to face various problems that let you be caught off guard by yourself. You should learn to withstand the pressure and meet unceasingly upcoming challenges. When you can finally face them in calm from a helpless and confused status, you can then make your great achievements. KOTEI gives an equal chance to everyone. Only those who get fully ready for it can have a different prospect by rising abruptly based on accumulated strength.  


Due to the project demand, I have taken an airplane for 5 times in a month. My colleagues jokingly call me as a "flying trapeze". The so-called cycling test, means that a navigator is installed in a car to take a series of tests in the driving process. The cycling test in South Korea is quite painstaking and it is a common thing to work off at eleven or twelve every night. When you have issued all the bugs that are detected during the cycling and your hard work has been recognized by the Japanese customer, you'll have a great sense of achievement and feel gratified, thinking it worthy of worthwhile. During the cycling, you can also appreciate exotic customs and practices which you have no chance to experience even during travelling, which really a great job. For instance, I'm lucky enough to see the car that is used by Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji-hyun when they shoot the TV Program--My Love From the Star. Upon thinking of that we are using unprecedented new technologies to create a different future for human society, such a sense of achievement can weak our fatigue and exhaustion, which is also a driving force for my persistence. 

Live and Learn 

Starting from 2012, I have been dispatched to the customer's facilities in Japan luckily. At the very beginning, I have once worried about whether I am capable of the work due to insufficient experience. Then I have gradually grown with the help of many predecessors. When looking back now, apart from the trust by my superiors, another main reason why I was dispatched to go abroad is that we were greatly in short of overseas field staff and in great need of responsible colleagues to permanently stay at customers' facilities. The Company provides internal foreign language training courses at different levels, if their english is poor. Everyone can learn the technology if he or she does not understand it, because there are a lot of predecessors who are well-experienced in technological development in the Company, with also hundreds of well-experienced lecturers for various technologies available. As a BSE who works abroad for a long time, I've learnt what does growth and challenge mean. 

Stimulation and Challenge

I love to take a roller coaster, which can challenge not only courage but also psychology. As a newly-graduated greenhand, I've got the chance to work in Japan. My working experience in Japan is just like taking a roller coaster. At the very beginning, I feel a little bit nervous and expectant for the strange environment. With the development of the work, I feel as if I was shuttling back and forth at an extreme speed in the air. It is full of stimulation and challenge to incorporate myself into a totally different atmosphere and adapting to the local work pace and mode. Although the days in Japan are busy, upon looking back the experience, I feel as if I had appreciated unusual scenery that was unique and impressive high in the sky. If you are a youngster fond of stimulation and challenge. Just join us in such an unusual trip by roller coaster! 

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